sushi party : openhouse kitchen : barcelona : sept 2012

so after the first test dinner in july, and our escape from the barcelona heat in august, we returned to a list of people who wanted to come to the next dinner. how were we going to manage? so we decided instead of having a dinner we would start off the kitchen with a sushi party. the list quickly grew to fifty people, and we had to put a stop there. nobu asked his friend kenji from can kenji restaurant in barcelona, to be our special guest sushi chef, and what a team they were. the people arrived at 8.30 and were greeted by our very own geisha, natsumi, an ex-flatmate of myself and mari, and a glass of sake. then the sushi started and we all had a ball.

thank you to all that came, next month we are off to berlin to make a sushi party at the bless shop and we will release dates for the next dinners soon.

text : andrew trotter

photos : mari luz vidal