Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

Dust, bird droppings, sticks, and any other forms of dirt are likely to find their way to your solar panel. This is due to the panel upward angle. Solar panels derive their power from light, and dirt may hinder your panel from getting substantial light to generate enough power.

Solar panel washing is a routine practice in the maintenance of the equipment. It is a common practice to enable users to enjoy the panel’s optimum performance. The experts say that a dirty panel is likely to generate up to 10% less energy than a clean one. This article looks at why cleaning your solar panel is beneficial.


A solar panel generates power by receiving light, which enters the cells so that they produce energy. A dirty solar panel may not pass enough light to the cells to generate power, which means your solar will not give enough output. A solar panel with dirt blockages loses up to 50% of its performance compared to a clean one. These results were reached upon after a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Solar panel cleaning comes as a condition in the device’s warranty. If your equipment fails to perform or is damaged, you may not qualify for a warranty, especially if the company proves that the fault is because of a lack of maintenance. Regular cleaning of counts as maintenance to solar panel manufacturers.

Longer Lifespan

leads to a longer lifespanA solar panel, like everything else, degrades with time, which is out of your control. Nevertheless, lack of maintenance on your panel hastens the degradation. When cleaning the panel, it is best to use the recommended products for solar cleaning.

Although rainwater cleans out bird droppings, dust, grime, particles, and others, it does not wash out everything. Unfortunately, the remaining dirt messes your solar panel and affects its output. It would be best to hire a cleaning service or do it on your own to enjoy the panel’s optimum performance.

Stains Removal

Bird droppings, dust, leaves, or any other form of dirt left on the solar panel’s surface for long causes permanent stains that are impossible to remove. The stains do not affect the device’s performance. However, you will have the panel on top of your roof for 25 years or more and a piece of stained equipment is not what you want to be looking at whenever you look at your rooftop.…

5 Advantages Of Air Duct Cleaning You Should Know

air ducts

Several reasons encourage people to take care of their homes. Some of these include having a healthy and safe environment, avoid costly replacements and repairs, looking good, and maintaining the value of your home. In any case, the safety and health of you and your children are the vital reasons. Air Duct Cleaning in Houston makes your home clean, safe, and looking good.HVAC System

HVACs systems should be serviced regularly. It is the most effective routine mainly because, in the case of a breakage of an air conditioner, the home tends to be quite uncomfortable. Moreover, it is costly to replace. If one chooses to ignore air duct cleaning, repercussions include congestion of the nasal system, a dirty surrounding, and other serious health issues.

It is a good thing that as time is passing by, many people are becoming aware of the risks that come with dangerous air conditions. It is for that reason that they are striving to make indoor air as clean as possible and human-friendly.

Here are some of the benefits

Clean air in the surrounding

Duct cleaning enables an environment to be free of some potent or even a mild bad smell that can not be eradicated by even air fresheners. This also eliminates harmful bacteria in the environment that can be harmful to those inhaling that air.

Prevention of allergies

Allergies are also controlled by duct cleaning. When one has allergies that are brought about by dust or musty smells, duct cleaning helps reduce such occasions.

Reduction of dust in the air

Air duct cleaninair ductg also reduces dust in the environment. It keeps humanity safe by helping us have a clear air duct system because the household is dust free. Diseases like asthma and bronchitis can be reduced by breathing in good quality air in the environment.

Avoid costly repairs

It is also important to clean the system itself so as to prevent breakages or improper functioning. Cleaning them regularly will reduce such costs as they will function effectively as compared to those that are never cleaned regularly. Besides working more efficiently, they will have a longer lifespan as all parts are maintained.

When systems are cleaned, they reduce their energy consumption. Therefore, utility bills are saved. It is necessary to maintain the air duct system so that it can perform its function efficiently. When this happens, you can have a safe environment and prevent many diseases that rob humanity, and it is a global crisis.…