Guide to Buying Landed Property

Buying landed property requires planning. It is, however, not an easy decision and can prove to be even more challenging than buying a newly built condominium. It is worth noting that the physical condition of most landed properties differs and some homes might have been subjected to a great deal of mistreatment whereas others might still be in pristine condition. You need to do your homework if you are to get a decent landed property.

Besides looking at the general aesthetics of a home, here are some essential things to look at when shopping for landed properties.

Foundationcracked foundation

One of the first things to look at when shopping for landed property is the foundation. As such, you should be keen to look at possible structural issues with the foundation. As much as possible, do not buy any piece of property that has a weak foundation. The good thing about foundation issues is that they are usually easy to identify. For instance, anyone can see elements such as cracks and unaligned brick walls.


The presence of moisture or water damage can be indicative of serious problems. As such, you should be keen to look at the possibility of effects of water damage such as the growth of mold. Mold in itself can be quite costly to deal with. Thus, instead of buying a home only to start spending on mold remediation, explore other options in the market.


Installing a roof can be a costly undertaking. Most new roofs have a lifestyle of 15-20 years. As such, when looking for landing properties, it is vital to examine the condition of the roof. As such, see to it that you know what you are getting into as far as the roof is considered. The option of buying a property with a roof that needs minor repairs or one that needs an overhaul boils down to your budget.

home leakPlumbing

What is the condition of toilets, heaters, faucets, or pipes? Examining the state of the house requires you to look at the condition of the plumbing systems. For older homes, you need to look at the quality of the plumbing fixtures used or their conditions. It is advisable to buy a home with an outstanding plumbing system.

It takes some time to buy the right home. You need to examine some of these fundamental properties for sale. Do not be shy to ask for professional help if you lack the knowledge to explore the quality of your property.…