Best Tips On Furnace Repair And Maintenance

cooking in a furnace

A functioning furnace is crucial in cold places like Minnesota. Sometimes furnace may need repair at inopportune moments. Of course calling a professional is the best option. However, before calling a professional, there are a few maintenance and repair items that you can handle.

Best tips

1. Change of furnace filter

fireFurnace air filters can get dirty and clogged when there is high use. It is advisable to change the air filters in the furnace at least once in three months but also confirming manufacturer’s advice. This is because a dirty furnace filter causes bad air circulation and supports bad quality of air.

2. Check out the burner flames

Ensure your burner is always even and blue during combustion. Avoid a yellow flame which signifies dirty burners or production of carbon monoxide by the furnace. It is advisable that you consult a professional to take a look and solve the carbon monoxide issue.

3. Vacuum burners

You should switch off the furnace and the gas supply, then vacuum dirt and dust near or in the furnace base, burners or blower compartment.

4. Clean the blower

Clean the blower using an emery cloth that is fine and made to clean surfaces of metal.

>h4>5. Clean the sensor of the flame

Clean the sensor of the flame using an emery cloth that is fine and made to clean surfaces of metal.

6. Dust the igniter of the hot surface and the pilot

It is recommended that you avoid touching the igniter of the hot surface. Therefore, as a suggestion, use a straw to blow off any dirt that has settled on the igniter of the hot surface and the pilot.

7. Inspect the drive belt for wear and tear

The drive belt should be inspected regularly. The cost of replacement is low at about $5.

8. Use lubricant on bearings

Use lightweight motor oil to lubricate motor bearings in the furnace and bearings in the blower shaft.

9. Check for corrosion

Check for a powdery residue that is white on exhaust pipes since this could be evidence of corrosion. Call a professional for repairs.

10. Seal leaks in pipes

Check your vents for any leaks. If any, seal them using silicone that is heat resistant or metal tape.

11. Inspect exhaust and air intake ducts

icon of a furnaceIf exhaust and air intake ducts on the outside of the house are blocked, it is possible that the furnace in your house is malfunctioning. Ensure you clean the exterior furnace exhausts off leaves, snow, and ice.

The above best tips on furnace repair and maintenance will ensure that your house remains warm throughout the winter.…